Make your own burger!

Make your own Burger!

At Comparello Bello make and customize your Burger as you prefer! Choose the type of Hamburger from the menu, then choose the type of bread, the type of meat, sauces and finally the side dish you prefer.

The result? 
To lick your mustache!

  1. Chose: one of our hamburger from the menu
  2. Chose: the type of bread (sweet bread, 5 cereals, pizza dough bread)
  3. Chose: the type of meat (beef, angus, buffalo, chianina beef)
  4. Chose: the sauce (Comparello sauce, barbecue sause, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise)
  5. Chose: the side dish (mixed salad, French fries, grilled vegetables, onion rings)

Enjoy your meal!